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Charges Pending for Suspects in Park "Pranks"

Monday, 05 October 2015

The Knox County Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Unit has identified the suspects involved in three incidents at two Knox County parks recently.  The three juvenile males and one 18 year old male told officers that they wore clown masks as a prank to scare people.  The prank escalated in the third incident when one of them wearing a clown mask got out of his vehicle and chased two women joggers with a piece of wood or lumber.  This was the only incident reported to law enforcement.  The other incidents were discovered during the investigation.  A Knox County School Security Officer provided assistance during the investigation. All the suspects are cooperating.  The case is now with the Knox County District Attorney General’s Office for the consideration of possible criminal charges.

The incidents began on September 18th when three of the suspects, one wearing a clown mask, “scared” two juveniles who were sitting in a car in the parking lot of Anchor Park.  The juveniles fled when confronted by the one wearing the mask.  The next day, three suspects went to McFee Park.  This time all three wore clown masks and “scared” a male juvenile who was in his vehicle in the parking lot.  He also fled when confronted.  All four suspects were involved in the incident at  Anchor Park on the 20th.  One suspect, the same one who wore a mask in the first incident, wore it again, but this time got out of his vehicle and chased two women with a board. He faces possible assault charges.

The KCSO asks that you report incidents like this to 911.



August 2015 Detective of the Month

Thursday, 01 October 2015

The Knox County Sheriff’s Office congratulates August’s Detective of the Month, Mitch Buckner.

On August 15th, Detective Buckner received a call about a female who had possibly been kidnapped and murdered. He immediately began a detailed investigation that spanned over the following two days. After a 60-hour investigation, the victim was located safe and a multi-state drug trafficking group believed to be transporting methamphetamine was revealed.

Detective Buckner has been with the KCSO since October 1996.





August 2015 Officer of the Month

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The Knox County Sheriff’s Office congratulates August’s Officer of the Month, Tony Karnes.

On August 12th, Sgt. Tony Karnes was walking on Gay Street when he was told that an unconscious man was lying on the sidewalk. The victim was unconscious, unresponsive, and turning blue. Sgt. Karnes ensured that an ambulance had been called and began chest compressions. The victim regained consciousness, but then lost consciousness again, prompting Sgt. Karnes to resume chest compressions. The ambulance arrived and Rural Metro took over the care of the victim. Hours later, a check with the hospital revealed that the victim was alive and expected to recover.

Sgt. Karnes has been with the KCSO since May 1998.




July 2015 Detective of the Month

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

The Knox County Sheriff’s Office congratulates July’s Detective of the Month, Jerry Massey.

While conducting an unrelated investigation on July 23rd, Detective Massey noticed a vehicle matching the description of one that had been involved in numerous thefts in Blount County and surrounding counties. Detective Massey remembered that the Blount County Sheriff’s Office had asked officers to be on the lookout for the vehicle and retrieved the information on the vehicle and suspect. He contacted the Blount County Sheriff’s Office and officers responded to the scene. The suspect (as well as another) were taken into custody. Because of Detective Massey’s efforts, two theft suspects were arrested and a large amount of stolen property was recovered.

Detective Massey has been with the KCSO since January 1997.



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