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Knox County Sheriff News

Shooting Investigation Continues

Thursday, 15 September 2011

The Knox County Sheriff’s Office continues its investigation of a shooting death this morning in Northwest Knox County.  The identity of the victim is not being released until positive identification is made.  The Knox County Medical Examiner will conduct an autopsy Friday morning to determine the exact cause of death and how many times the victim was shot.

The incident occurred at 9325 Wells Station shortly after 7 o’clock.  The homeowner, 49 year old James Szczuka and his girlfriend, who also lives there, 24 year old Dena Harris, were questioned by detectives.  Szczuka said that  when he awoke and went into his girlfriend’s bedroom, he found the victim asleep in bed with her.  He said when he woke the man up, he became aggressive and threatening.  Szczuka said he tried to get the victim to leave, but when he refused, he got a 40 caliber handgun for protection and shot the victim when he “came at him.”  Szczuka has a permit for the gun.

No charges have been filed.



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