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Illegal Gambling Indictments

Tuesday, 06 March 2012

The Knox County Sheriff’s Office made presentments to the Knox County Grand Jury regarding a gambling investigation that had been ongoing since June 1, 2011. During that investigation, a total of eight illegal poker games were shut down by officers. Four other illegal gambling establishments shut down on their own when they learned that the KCSO, in coordination with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, was conducting an illegal gambling investigation. During the investigation, the KCSO seized approximately $50,000.00 in cash, numerous illegal gambling casino tables, playing cards, poker chips, and surveillance cameras. The games being played included a high stakes game called Omaha Hi-Lo, and Texas Hold’em. The gambling operations were presented to the Knox County Grand Jury. On February 24, indictments came down on 15 individuals, with each individual having one count of Aggravated Gambling Promotion and being served with a of Notice of Forfeiture. On February 24, the KCSO began rounding up the suspects. As of March 6, 13 out of the 15 have been arrested.



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