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Knox County Sheriff News

The Ossoli Circle Donates Supplies to Women Inmates

Thursday, 19 April 2012

On Thursday afternoon, the Ossoli Circle visited with women inmates at the Knox County Sheriff’s Office Detention Facility. While there, the women of Ossoli donated gardening gloves, ball caps, notepads, pencils, and gardening books and magazines to the Women Inmates’ Program.

The Ossoli Circle plays an active role in obtaining economic and educational opportunities for women in Tennessee. Ossoli has been an integral part of creating and maintaining the program for the female inmates at the Detention Facility.

Overseen by Corporal Peggy Branson, the Women Inmates' Program is just one of several programs that Sheriff Jones has implemented over the past few years. It was created three years ago to give women inmates a set of skills to apply to their lives when they return home. Sheriff Jimmy “J.J.” Jones explains that “these are skills that the women can use for life. The program was created in hopes to help lower the recidivism rate.”

As part of the program, the women maintain a garden, several animals, a berry patch, and an orchard. As an added bonus, the women participating in this program receive an extra day subtracted from their sentence per day worked. The inmates selected for this program are all volunteers.



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