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Baby Thrown from Van in Crash

Sunday, 16 September 2012

A four month old baby boy was thrown from a van when it crashed into a tree Sunday afternoon in North Knox County.  According to the officer on the scene, 31 year old Mandie Stanley was driving an Oldsmobile van on West Bull Run Valley and was apparently trying to feed her four month old son who was in a car seat, but not buckled in, in the backseat. She dropped the bottle and while trying to find it drove off the road into a tree.  The baby was thrown a short distance from the vehicle either through an open window or the door which opened on impact.  The baby's 7 year old brother was able to carry the child to safety.  The baby and mother were transported by Rural Metro to U.T. Hospital.  The crash happened in the 500 block of West Bull Run Valley.   Stanley's address is in the 700 block of the same road.

Stanley was cited for driving on a suspended license and failure to use a child restraint.  Both she and the 7 year old had their seat belts on. 



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