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KCSO Unveils Dangerous Dog Map

Thursday, 02 May 2013

The Knox County Sheriff’s Office has introduced a new mapping tool on its website,, for tracking court declared “dangerous dogs.”  The link shows pictures, addresses and the reason the dog is declared dangerous.  The goal of the new map is to raise awareness, educate, and make our neighborhoods safer for people and pets.  The map allows the user to type in an address and search for any dogs in a particular area.

Corporal Frankie Byrne, Director of Animal Control, originated the idea to map court declared dangerous dogs similar to how the Sheriff’s Office maps crime and the TBI maps sex offenders.  All the information is public once the owner has been cited to court and the case has been adjudicated.  According to Corporal Byrnes, however, the problem isn’t always solved.  “Sometimes dangerous dog owners are in a state of denial and don’t believe their dog is capable of re-offending.  I believe this extra component of awareness will increase owner compliance and give neighbors important information that they might not otherwise have.”

The Animal Patrol Division has been a part of the KCSO since 2010 and answers nearly 9,000 calls a year.  That total does not include follow-up calls of cruelty, neglect, and dangerous dog compliance.  The Division operates from 6 a.m. until midnight, 7 days a week.



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