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Man Charged in String of Burglaries and Vandalism

Tuesday, 02 July 2013

A 32 year old man, who was released from prison yesterday, is charged with burglarizing four Oak Ridge Highway businesses and vandalizing another.  Matthew Morrow, whose last address is listed in Jonesboro, gave himself up after the overnight spree when officers found him in one of the businesses.

He is accused of using a metal pole to try to break into an ATM at the ORNAL Credit Union at 7228 Oak Ridge Highway.  He is charged with vandalism in that incident.  Farther down the highway at 7325, he kicked open the door at Open Arms Care and stole clothing and a backpack.  Next door at Peer Consultants, he also kicked in the door and emptied 2 fire extinguishers all over the office.  He also hit the Bojangles located at 7505 where he took a jar of change and two football jerseys.  He was in in the office of the Insite Group at 7675 Oak Ridge Highway when officers saw a forced entry and began to clear the building.  Morrow gave himself up and was taken into custody early this morning.

Morrow has an extensive criminal history of burglaries, aggravated burglaries, and theft in Tennessee, Florida, Vermont, and West Virginia.  He was released yesterday from the Morgan County Regional Prison where he served time for burglary.



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