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Deputy Terminated

Monday, 19 August 2013

The Knox County Sheriff’s Office deputy who was arrested over the weekend for DUI and theft was terminated Monday morning.  Jason Williams, 40, had been with KCSO since August 4, 2003.  He was classified as a Corrections Officer.  Blood was drawn at U.T. Hospital, but results are not known yet.

In the termination letter to Williams, Sheriff Jimmy “J.J.” Jones wrote:

“As you are aware, the Knox County sheriff’s Office General Orders, Policies and Procedures, Employee Handbook and Merit Council Procedures clearly states that all employees, whether on or off duty, shall be governed by the ordinary and reasonable rules of good conduct and behavior and shall not commit any negligent, malicious or criminal act, which may bring reproach or discredit upon themselves or the Knox County Sheriff’s Office.

Based on the findings of this review, you are in violation of General Order 2001, Section I-Professional Conduct and Responsibility.  Your disgraceful behavior and dereliction of duty has jeopardized the Sheriff’s Office.  This review has also revealed that you have violated the following Merit Council Rules which has warranted you unsuitable for continued employment with the Knox County Sheriff’s Office. 9.3-b, Moral or ethical situations that make the employee unsuitable, 9.3-c, Theft or wanton destruction of property, 9.3 g, Notoriously disgraceful personal conduct.

This letter therefore constitutes your notice under Merit Council Rule 9.3 that your employment with this agency is terminated effective August 19, 2013.  According to Merit Council rule you have seven (7) days to submit to me in writing information you feel relevant to the charges outlined above.”



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