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Beaten Dog Dies from Injuries

Monday, 25 April 2011

Rosie, the Shih Tzu, died Friday morning from complications she sustained in a beating on April 8th.   According to the veterinarian, she had bruising to the chest, three fractured ribs, a broken tooth, and internal injuries and died from kidney failure.  She was being treated at the University of Tennessee Veterinary Hospital after taking a turn for the worse last week at the Young Williams Animal Center.

Forty-three year old Jeffrey Coppock was charged with animal cruelty after officers were called to his girlfriend’s home at 6136 Evening Star Lane and found the dog with serious injuries.  Coppock told the officers that he had disciplined the dog for barking and jumping and said that the dog bit him.  An officer said in the report that Coppock had no bite marks.  The officer also stated that he saw blood on the walls, furniture, and near three doors and that Rosie had blood on her snout and appeared to have broken bones and was wet.

The Knox County Sheriff’s Office Animal Control took custody of Rosie and another dog in the home and transported them to Young Williams Animal Center.  Raggs, the Australian mix is still in the custody of Young Williams and was not harmed.  It has been determined that both dogs belong to Kimberly Bruner who lives at the Evening Star Lane address.  Coppock will be responsible for the vet bills if he is convicted of animal cruelty.

Coppock is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on May 17th in Felony Court.



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