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Manhunt in West Knox County Ends with Arrest

Monday, 03 February 2014

A Loudon County man wanted in the armed robbery of a fast food restaurant on January 30th is now in custody after a 3 hour manhunt.  Twenty-three year old Joshua Hayworth was taken into custody shortly before 6 o’clock Monday evening. After he robbed the Burger King in Lenoir City he stole a Jeep Wrangler to make his getaway.  KCSO officers spotted the vehicle around 3 p.m. at 100018 Bob Gray Road.  He had ditched the vehicle and ran into a nearby trailer where the owners and their dog ran him off.  From there, Hayworth went to Double Tree Road where he saw a woman outside.  He knocked her down and grabbed the keys to her Ford Escape.  She ran after the vehicle because her puppy was inside.  She held on to the dog and the vehicle as Hayworth dragged her some 20 feet.  She had numerous cuts and was transported to the hospital as a safety precaution because she is pregnant.

Hayworth lost control of the SUV at the entrance to Windamere where it crashed.  He fled on foot to an empty house at 1315 Gray Creek Lane.  The alarm went off as he was being tracked by a K-9.  He was arrested at that house and taken into custody.

The KCSO used K-9s to track the suspect as officers went door to door.  Airwatch was also used in the search.  The FBI was also involved because Hayworth is wanted in a robbery in another jurisdiction.

A KCSO Patrol Officer, who was responding to the manhunt, wrecked his cruiser as he negotiated a curve on Shaad Road.  He slid across the road where his car landed on its side in a ditch.  The officer, Russell Kuhlman, was not injured.



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