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Daughter Charged with Stabbing Mother

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

A 31 year old woman has been charged in connection with the stabbing of her mother early Tuesday morning.  Katie Nichols is in the Knox County Jail charged with attempted first degree murder ($250,000 bond) and especially aggravated kidnapping ($50,000 bond).  She stabbed 61 year old Laurie Nichols at least three times with two kitchen knives and a pair of scissors.  A neighbor heard Nichols outside screaming for help and called 911 to Sunchase Apartments on Cedar Bluff Road shortly after 3:30 a.m. Nichols was transported to U.T. Medical Center where she underwent surgery and is in the ICU.

Laurie Nichols returned to the apartment complex around 1 p.m. and residents called the Sheriff’s Office.  Officers took Nichols into custody without incident.

According to investigators, Katie Nichols and her daughter had been living with Laurie Nichols at her apartment until they moved out last week after a disagreement.  DCS has placed the daughter with another relative. 

A mug shot was not available at this time.  Check the 24 Hour Arrest List at later.



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